The Savoy Vermouth Dry - Giulio Cocchi 10 left!

In 2014, boutique vermouth Piedmontese producer Giulio Cocchi and London’s most famous hotel, The Savoy, have collaborated to create a unique expression that is the combination of traditional Italian wine making skills and the profound understanding of mixology from The Savoy’s American Bar team.

Although a rare and unique composition, Savoy Dry Vermouth, through the use of wormwood and bitter botanicals, is true to the signature flavours of a classic dry vermouth but is enriched with citrus, bergamot and alpine herbs from Piedmont region to create a pleasantly dry backbone for this beautiful aromatized wine.

While delicious served on its own, either well chilled or over ice, The Savoy Dry Vermouth is the perfect supporting partner in the most beloved cocktail of all times, the Martini. 18%vol. 50cl.

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Demerara Rum 1975 Guyana (32 bottle limited editon) 6 left!

This ultra- rare example of Caribbean rum was distilled in 1975 on the banks of the Demerara River in Guyana. Since then, it has aged in hand-made, white-oak barrels before being exclusively bottled for The Savoy as part of The Savoy Collection.

One of the Finest rums still available today, its unrivalled depth of flavour and inimitable character has developed through the use of artisan distilling techniques and decades of wood- ageing in the tropical climate of Guyana. Extremely rare and highly collectable, this bottle will be the jewel in the crown of any rum lover’s collection.

With only 32 bottles produced, this exceptional piece of liquid history is set to reward its collector in years to come, should the temptation to simply enjoy it be resisted.

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The Savoy Martini Bitters Limited availability

The Savoy Martini Bitters have been created as a bold partner to the alcoholic base in our most beloved of concoctions - the Martini.

Made with either gin or vodka, its aroma has been gently built around sweet and bitter oranges, as well as lemons and sage, paired with a hint of rhubarb and lemon verbena - all backed by gentian and a light touch of angostura bark, will turn each and every one of these cocktails into a one- of - a kind experience.  39% alc./ vol. 200ml.

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The Savoy Manhattan Cocktail (116 bottle limited edition) 4 left!

A tribute to the timeless classic first created in 1884, Savoy's head bartender of the American Bar, Erik Lorincz, has taken inspiration from this original recipe and gently tweaked it, to create a true connoisseur’s twist on this much beloved whiskey cocktail.

A mix of three different Woodford Reserve whiskies, including the ultra-limited ‘Personal Selection’ and the ‘Mature Oak’ release, have been hand-blended together to form the base of the Savoy Collection Manhattan. 

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